Stem Bag/ Feed Bag

R 554.00

The Texrex™ Stem Bag enables one-handed access to snacks, lip balm or gear. Stem bags, also aptly named feedbags, are especially useful on long rides and multi-day bikepacking trips. The bags are easy to install, and you’ll be able to redistribute weight from your back (jersey back pocket or backpack) to your bike. Your body will thank you for it. See description below.

Note: Anthracite out of stock

R 554.00


  • made in durable Cordura 500D (real Cordura!)
  • fits modern mountain and drop handlebars, on the left or right side of the stem and possibly both sides (see Fit tab)
  • drop bar users take note: the bag does take up a fair amount of space “on the tops” – see Fit tab for measurements
  • volume to the brim is a whopping 1.8 litre! A Nalgene 950ml bottle fits with room to spare
  • outer pocket suitable for lip balm or an energy bar
  • constructed from water resistant materials but not waterproof – both the liner and outer have an eyelet in the bottom for drainage purposes
  • reinforced at high stress point stitching
  • durable hardware
  • brightly coloured inner liner
  • 2x 20mm straps to attach to handlebar
  • 2x 3mm adjustable bungee cords; to stabilise the bag to fork crown and stem
Texrex Stem Bag/ Feed Bag
Texrex Stem Bag/ Feed Bag
  • dimensions are approximate:
    • X 120mm
    • Y 90mm
    • the bag’s bottom is 140mm (H1) lower than the handlebar centre
    • the bags brim is 30mm (H2) higher than the handlebar centre
  • your knee may touch the bag when pedalling out of the saddle; it differs from rider to rider. The occasional knee touch is a non-issue for most riders.
  • bags fitted to a bicycle:
    • will rub at the contact points and dirt will exaggerate potential damage. You can use purpose made clear film to protect the frame and components. Quality electrical tape or self-adhesive silicon tapes are also good options.
    • may affect handling, controls and cable routing. We recommend you ask a professional bicycle mechanic to check that your bicycle’s operation has not been compromised. He or she may suggest adjustments.